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The tallest Waterfalls in the world

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9 of the 20 th worlds longest waterfalls are situated in Norway. Many of them fall of the mountain side on the west coast of Norway. The waterfalls are not only beautiful at sight, but they are an important energy source in Norway. Most of all energy comes from water craft. It is a paradox to think about, when the rest of Europe is supplied with oil and gas from Norway. Most of all the waterfalls drop free in the nature, and many have been protected so they may continue to decorate the the beautiful landscape.

Some of the waterfalls are accessible by foot and you can go underneath or behind, like the Storseter waterfall in Geiranger and Steindasl waterfall in Hardanger. If your camera is waterproof, it is this your great chance to experience something special. Just be careful, because it might be slippery and the waterfalls are powerful.

The veil (Geiranger)
A waterfall in the Geiranger fjord. The amount of water in the fall depends on the precipitation/snow melting. Can be seen from cruse ship or ferry.

The seven sisters
Foto: Terje Rakke. De syv søstre.Seven sisters one beside the other. Still virgin and single. Beautiful and untouchable. Their
suitor, another big waterfall on the opposite side, still waits for their answer, and is very unhappy and drinks from the bottle. That is why the suitor waterfall has the shape as a bottle. Both the waterfalls are situated in the middle of the Geiranger fjord.

Feigum waterfall - Luster
The 218 meter high waterfall is in an idyllic setting on the southern side of the Lusterfjord. You can take the short walk in to the falls or admire the view of it from the National Tourist Route on the northern side of the fjord.


Kjos waterfall
To se the Kjos waterfall, you can take the Flåm Railway. The train makes a stop to allow passengers to get off and view the waterfall at close hand. Kjos waterfall station lies 3,95 km from Myrdal and 339,75 km from Oslo S. The waterfall lies 670 meters above sea level. The station was build in 1951 so passengers from the trains could go about to admire the fantastic Kjos waterfall. The powerful waterfall throws its self down the mountain side. It is a popular and beautiful tourist attraction. Here lies also the Kjos waterfall power station, and it delivers electricity to Flåm Railway.

Kleiva waterfall - Brisdalen
KleivafossenOn the way up to the glacier Briksdals glacier, you have to cross this bridge over the powerful waterway. It is a part of the snaky way up through the valley. When the ice melting is at its most, you can get a ice cold shower on the bridge.

Kvinna waterfall - Hella
Kvinna waterfall falls 120 meters and is situated right besides the main road between Leikanger and Hella. During the spring thaw, the spray from the waterfall reaches across the road.

Lang waterfall (Åkrafjord)
LangfossenThe 5. highest waterfall in Norway. Total free drop 612 m. The waterfall lies in the Åkrafjord. A path all the way up to the top, where you have a beautiful view.


Låte waterfall
Famous twin waterfall. The Låte waterfall is the "king" among waterfalls and is an known international attraction. On the south side of the fall you can follow a path that goes up to a Hotel that once stood there. The Låte waterfall is the main attraction in the valley of Otta, "the valley of waterfalls". It is a landscape created by the glacier. In this special valley, the waterfalls lies one after the other, like pearls on a string within a distance of 10 km; Tjørnadals waterfall, Strand waterfall, Vid waterfall, Espelands waterfall and Låte waterfall. All of them are protected.

Mardals waterfall (Nesset)
The water craft project of Mardals waterfall, lead to Norways first protest action against leading the water in pipes. People chained themselves to prevent the happening of drying out the waterfall (length of 655 m) and a free drop of 297 m. The result was that the fall was put into pipes, but from the 20. June -20. August every year, the water is let loose to the great pleasure for the tourists from all over the world. There is a path up towards the waterfall.

Måna waterfall
MånafossenNorway's 9. biggest waterfall (90 meters free dropl). The path up there is marked and it is very steep with stairs and secured with chains you can hold in. The trip up there takes about 30 min. If you wish a nice and longer trip, you can continue further to Mån and the lake of Mån.

Rjoande waterfall (Flåm)
Lies on the way up the Flåm railway. It has a drop of 140 meter.



Skjervs waterfall (Granvin)
Skjervet and the Skjervs waterfall, lies by fjord road, main road 13. Skjervs waterfall consists of to waterfalls, one on top of the other. Together they are a 150 m high.


Sletta waterfall (Rauma)
Sletta waterfall is protected and the river goes through a narrow mountain pass before it drops 30-40 meter. It is wild and beautiful.

Storseter waterfall (Geiranger)
Foto: Terje Rakke. Steindalsfossen.A waterfall you can go underneath and can be reached by foot.


Steinsdals waterfall (Kvam)
foto: Per Eide. Steinsdalsfossen. This waterfall represented Norway on the Expo 2000 in Hanover. Lies 2 km from Norheimsund towards Bergen and is easy to reach. One of the most known and most photographed waterfall in Norway. A path goes behind the waterfall and can be admired from underneath.

Tveita  waterfall (Ullensvang)
TveitafossenThe valley from Kinsarvik up towards Hardangervidda is one of the pearls in Ullensvang. In Ullensvang there are four impressive waterfalls on a row, within a 3 hours march on good paths.


Tvinde waterfall
TvindefossenA 150 m waterfall drop besides Tvinde Camping, 12 km from the centre of Voss city.


Vettis waterfall - Årdal
protected waterfall in Norway. You can get there by foot and by walking up the beautiful Utladalen in Oevre Ardal.


Vole waterfall - Briksdal
This waterfall lies fare in the end of the valley right behind the buildings before you go the last km up to the glacier of Briksdal. It is said that it can tell when the weather changes. It thunders and growls when the atmospheric pressures changes...


Vørings waterfall and Måbødalen
Foto: VoeringsfossenNorway's most famous waterfall with a length of 182 m, free drop 145 m. There is a splendid view from "Fossetromma" by Hotel Fossli. The valley of Måbø twins down the mountain plateau to the softer and greener area near Hardanger. IDuring the summer season you can take the "Troll train" on wheels along the old road in the Måbøvalley. The trip takes 20 min. one way.



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